Funding 2017 - Incomes

Financial result 2018

A year of financial stagnation

In 2018 we did expand in financial terms. The final figures indicate the same budget as the previous year: €293,048 against €295,419, when our margin was over the 2016 budget. The lack of growth was mainly caused by the absence of private funding, which in 2017 was 14.332 Euros.

Despite this we managed to increase the support hours to our users by 14%, an improvement achieved through strict control on expenses and the addition of our valuable volunteer hours.

The main expenditure of the APSOCECAT is always the salaries of our professionals, this represents 70%. Because deafblind disability has a 1:1 ratio, each hour of care represents one hour of pay for each person. The other support teams’ costs are two psychologists, a social worker, and the management team, and these costs have to be added.

If you would like to support, please donate, BBVA-CX account ES8101828262370200006279 or become a donor partner. You will find all the information in  Do a donation or call +34 93 331 7366. 

Funding 2017 - Expenditure

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