The Team

APSOCECAT professionals

APSOCECAT’s team of professionals is a group of committed people with the inestimable support of volunteers, friends and collaborators. Together it’s possible to make great results possible for the benefit of people with deafblindness

The most visible faces are these:

Xavier Capdevila
Psychosocial intervention Area

Núria Bustamante
Social worker and interpreter in sign language

Alba Camprodon
Independent living Area

Alba Campmany

Gretty Chirinos
Communication and social media

Petry Martínez
Ricard Pons

Ricard López

Team of mediators and interpreters in sign language

Alba Campmany
Aroha Palacios
Claudia Barrios
Elena Ruth Barcos
Eunice Martínez
Helena Ibern
Irene Duran
Miriam Ruiz
Miriam Vera
Paula Jerez
Víctor Monserrate