With the enactment of  Law 19/2014, of December 29, of transparency, access to public information and good governance, associations and entities declared as a public utility, as is APSOCECAT, they are obliged to provide their websites with information related to the origin of moneys they received, so that both management and the public can see how investments are used.

In accordance with the law, transparency portal is organised and managed by the Administration of the General of Catalonia and incorporates the information of local administrations and entities included in article 3.1.a), b), c), d), e).

The entities can create their own portals of transparency, whose access to content must be facilitated from the  portal of transparency of Catalonia in a way that allows the integration of the information in all sections required by law. The areas of information subject to transparency are: Institutional and organisational information, Economic, Budgetary and patrimonial and management.

Register of interest groups in Catalonia

The APSOCECAT  is assigned, dated 4 September 2018, with unique identifier number 2777.

See document:  Resolution of the Department of Justice where the group of interest Association Catalana for Persons with deafness (APSOCECAT) is registered and classified

Institutional and organisation information

Mission and activities according to the statutes

  • Advocate for the Administration, public and private institutions for the rights of Catalan deafblind people and for the development of necessary policy and means so they achieve their full social equity and participation.
  • Identify the general need of the Catalan deafblind people, based on research carried out on the group.
  • Encourage studies,

See document  APSOCECAT Statutes

Applicable regulation

Statutes and registration number-

Composition of the governing bodies.

The composition of the board of directors, approved on 05/25/2016 as communicated to the Registry of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya is as follows:

Foto Ricard López

President: Ricard Lopez Manzano

President of APSOCECAT since its foundation in 1999. President of the Spanish Federation of Deafblindness (FESOCE)  since its foundation in 2008. Member of the Board of Directors of Deafblind International (Dbl) and of the European Deafblind Network (EdBN) since 2000. President of the World Confederation of Deafing Mothers (WCPDB) since 2011. Representative of the Deafness sector on the European Platform of Deaf, Hearing Aids and Deaf-disorders (EPDHDB).  Responsible for Information Systems in Catalonia Caixa until 2001. Currently holds the position of Director of APSOCECAT

Foto Petry Hernández

Secretary: Petra Martinez Hernandez

Secretary of  APSOCECAT since 1999. Currently holds the position of managing the Administration area

Foto M. Rosa Martínez

Tresorera: M. Rosa Martínez Borràs

Treasurer of APSOCECAT since 2015 with 35 years of nursing experience.  Currently works at a Primary Care Centre in Castelldefels.

See document:  Communication of the governing bodies

Updated organisational chart
Departments of the APSOCECAT explained through a box diagram

Board of Directors:  Ricard López Manzano (president), Petra Martínez Hernández (secretary), M. Rosa Martínez Borràs (treasurer).

Technical directors:  Ricard López Manzano, Petra Martínez Hernández, Xavier Capdevila, Alba Camprodon, Núria Bustamante, Gretty Chirinos, Alba Campmany, Iratxe Zuazo.

Area Development & Projects:  Ricard López Manzano.

Attention Intervention:  Xavier Capdevila, Alba Camprodon, Núria Bustamante.

Communication Area:  Gretty Chirinos.

Administration and Human Resources Department:  Petra Martínez Hernández.

Department of Economic Management: Ricard López Manzano, Iratxe Zuazo.

Training and Volunteering Area: Alba Campmany

Structure of the group of entities


Economic, budgetary and management

Annual plan of activities 

We did not expand in financial terms for the year 2018. The final figures indicate an equivalent budget (-1%), the previous year: €293,048 versus. €295,419 , when it had enjoyed a certain margin (+12%) over the 2016 budget. The lack of growth was mainly caused by the absence of private funding, which in 2017 had a contribution of 14,332 € by a bank entity.

See document:  Activities Report 2018

Annual accounts

See document:    2018 Annual Accounts

See document:   Economic report 2017

Remuneration of management bodies

The governing bodies of the APSOCECAT do not receive economic compensation. The members of the board of directors exercise the charge for free, as provided in article 14 of the Statutes of the entity.

Heritage inventory

Total net assets and liabilities: €87,012.58 (2018)

See document:  Inventory of assets 2018

Administrative management


Body in charge of recruitment

The person in charge of the management.

List of subscribed contracts

There is no contract signed with the public administrations in 2017


List of current agreements, with information on modifications and execution

See document:  Agreements 2018

Grants and subsidies

List of grants and subsidies received from the last five years since the entry into force of the Law of transparency, indicating the amount and object and if granted without public concurrence

Go to the 2018 Subsidies document

Information regarding the financial control of the aid or subsidy

Guarantees provided in the context of accountability

Annual accounts are paid to the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the purpose of maintaining the Declaration of public utility