APSOCECAT programs and services

1. Psychosocial care service

The organisation has two psychologists and a social worker who manage, coordinate and monitor cases. Therapy is offered to all of Deafblind people, their relatives and / or carers, as well as guidance and support in the processing of social benefits.

2. Center support service

There are currently no daycare centers and residences for Deafblind people in Catalonia. APSOCECAT manages the incorporation of a specialised mediator when required by a deaf-blind person.

The assigned mediator goes to the center to contribute to the integration of the person with Deafblindness in the activities of the center as well as in the personal routine.

This service helps to facilitate the day to day life of both the professionals of the center and the user with deafblindness.

3. Home support service

This service is intended to provide direct care to Deafblind people in their homes. Working on aspects related to autonomy, communication and orientation and mobility. The mediator conducts regular customer service sessions whilst being offered to the family and / or primary caregiver an orientation and support service.

4. Leisure services:

With the participation of the psychosocial team, that of mediators and volunteers, inclusive leisure activities specific to people with Deafblindness are offered:

  • Breaths: Weekend activity, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. It takes place in the Alberg Molí de Sant Oleguer (Sabadell), a very suitable environment for facilitating the orientation of the users.
  • Esplais: Saturday activity where activities are carried out according to the demand and tastes of the users (visit to museums, swimming pools, fairs, exhibitions, etc.). Hours are from 10am to 5pm.
  • Colonies: A week in summer that offers parents and / or tutors a real vacation with the tranquility of knowing that people with Deafblindness will be treated properly.

See agenda for scheduled activities

Given the specificity of the group, it becomes necessary for an activity program that promotes:

  1. Aspects related to socialization and integration (museums, exhibitions, etc.).
  2. Physical exercise (pool activities, walks, etc.).
  3. Active participation of the person with Deafblindness, choosing the activities that they most like (empowerment of the autonomy in the decision making).
  4. Offer free time and rest for family members and carers.
  5. Proper care with a ratio of 1 and a half mediators per person.

5. Independent life program

Support for independent living for Deafblind adults living in floors managed by the entity. With the collaboration of the Barcelona City Council.

The service includes hours of mediation in the home and / or centers, support for formalities and procedures and supervision of other basic cares such as cleaning the home, provision of meals and compliance with the medical and health plan.

6. Specific services

Specific services such as computer support, accompaniments and various procedures that the Deafblind person can request (processing of documents, etc.).