Quality Management System

Esquema Sistema Gestió de la Qualitat

Scheme of the Quality Management System

APSOCECAT has established, documented and implemented the maintenance of a Management System, in order to continuously improve its effectiveness according to the requirements of the UNE.EN.ISO 9001/15 reference rule “Management systems of quality – requirements “.

That’s why it:

a) Identifyies the processes necessary for the Management System and its application in the organisation, including those that choose to contract externally.
b) Determines the sequences and interactions of these processes, and the entries and exits.
c) Determines the criteria and methods necessary to ensure that both the operation and the control of these processes are effective (including indicators).
d) Ensures the availability of resources and information necessary for the support and follow-up of these processes.
e) Assigns the responsibilities and authorities of the processes.
f) Analyses the risks and opportunities of the processes.
g) Determines and carries out the monitoring, measurement and analysis of these processes, including and identifying within the quality management system, the control of those that the organisation has decided to outsource in whole or in part.
h) Implant the actions and / or necessary changes to achieve the planned results and the continuous improvement of these processes.

Quality Policy APSOCECAT

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified APSOCECAT